Parent & Student Testimonials

As a small family run school we get to to know everyone and we are thrilled to receive such wonderful feedback from both parents and students.

"I have learnt so much from my time at Downham. I have made lifelong friends and I will never forget Mrs Millard, such an inspiration!"
Jane Smith, Past pupil

"Our grandson is just so happy at this excellent school it is not true! And he is positively thriving. Such a warm atmosphere where excellence is taught, encouraged and rewarded."
Diane Dance - via Facebook

"I cannot say how grateful I am to the staff and management of this wonderful school. My two children transferred here after problematic starts to their education in local primaries. The difference in attitude and standards at this establishment were both immediate and profound and both children have thrived and become their best selves thanks to the care, attention and high standard of education that they have received at Downham Prep. I cannot thank Mrs Sharpe, Mr Jefferson and their team enough for all that they have done for my boy and girl, and for the family as a whole. If you are considering this school for your own children, I can only say do not hesitate, it is worth every penny and more." 
Grania Haigh - Via Facebook

"I went to Downham Prep from 2004/5 until 2011. Some of my fondest memories include being a part of the school shows that were put on every year (they were so much fun and I loved that everyone was involved) and the amazing teachers there who were always so lovely and encouraging! I loved being a table monitor and house captain in year 6 and am still in touch with some of the friends I made at Downham. I have just finished my first year of studying Veterinary Medicine at the University of Cambridge and am very excited to start second year soon."
Past pupil via Instagram

"I will always remember it as a lovely and amazing school that has helped me to become a more well rounded person. I have very fond memories of Downham which I shall NEVER forget."
Past Pupil via Instagram

"I went to the school in nursery and reception, left for year 1 and came back in year 2, I then stayed there for the rest of primary school. Some of my fondest memories of the school include;

  • Summer school around the campfire singing songs and having some of the best summer's ever.
  • The summer show every year! (Always a favourite of mine due to my passion for performing)
  • Mrs Sharpe's funny stories about all sorts of things
  • Going out to the school pond for various lessons
  • Watching the chicks hatch and grow every year/ school pets
  • The amazing school trip opportunities

These are only a few of the many amazing memories I have of the school! Primary school was the best time of my life and I would do anything to go back!"
Past Pupil via Instagram

"I was lucky enough to attend Downham Montessori School and Nursery. Both provided me with a uniquely attentive, engaging, well-rounded and happy learning experience. I left for secondary school feeling prepared and inspired for the academic road ahead. I will always treasure my time there and remember the mentors who I grew so fond of along the way.”

Simon Goodwin Past pupil 

Our children transferred to Downham Prep after our youngest had a very difficult start in reception. He came from fearing school and not trusting teachers to loving school and knowing he is safe. He enjoys the wide range of lessons, his confidence is growing, and he’s caught up academically. I cannot thank Miss Simmons, Miss Tighe, Mrs Millard, and the entire team enough for helping him. Our eldest is also thriving. We have seen a huge change in his attitude towards school, his work, and his aspirations. 

Current Parent of 2 children

Downham Preparatory has a friendly and bespoke approach to education
and both of our children have been very happy there for the last 7 years
both socially and academically.  The inspiring and caring teachers make
their days engaging and fun for them to not only learn and progress but
to truly thrive in a safe environment.

Current Parent


‘I wish that all schools could be like Downham Market Prep and I feel so lucky to have found such a warm, calm, kind, nurturing, inclusive, understanding and supportive environment for my children. After two heartbreaking years of struggling in public schools my son, who has additional needs, is now thriving at Downham Market prep both socially and academically. His confidence has soared, he loves going to school and he has regained his passion for learning. He even asks to attend the summer school during the summer holidays! I now leave him confident in the knowledge that he is well cared for in a safe and peaceful environment. The school ethos puts the children’s well-being and happiness of paramount importance which then reflects in the children’s behaviour and learning. I cannot thank Mrs Sharpe and all the teachers at Downham Market prep enough for going above and beyond for my son, for giving him the chance he needed, for understanding him in a way others couldn’t and for all they have done for our family. It is difficult to explain in words the difference the school has made to our children’s lives. It is a decision we will never regret. It is more than just an education, it’s an amazing foundation for their future.’


Current parent, Nov 23.