Open Days

Open Days

Open days are an opportunity to tour the Nursery and Preparatory Schools during a normal school day. You can see the children at play, taking part in some of the many fun and exciting lessons and activities the school has to offer.

School Open Days are normally held on a Saturday. Groups of parents and their children are invited to attend a talk followed by a tour of the school and children have the chance to take part in, for example, a fun science experiment.

Experience tells us that parents prefer to visit the school on a week day when they can tour the whole school, observe the children in their everyday lessons and see them at play. In this way parents gain far better insight into the school, the education we offer, the behaviour and good manners on which our school prides itself.

Parents are shown around by the Head of Early years and the school Principal. They have plenty of time during their visit to ask questions and discuss their child's individual needs.

We will therefore not be scheduling further Open Days. Everyday is an Open Day at our school and visitors are most welcome. Please contact the school office who will arrange a visit for you.

Tel: 01366 388066