Oliver off on his travels

Oliver Manley tells us about Teaching and his Travels

Former pupil Oliver Manley aiming to teach down under

Hey, it's Oliver Manley here, past pupil at Downham Prep School. Such amazing memories! Too many! From summer school and bonfire nights, roasting marshmallows; playing football with Mr Laffeaty and Mr Lane; Music with Mr Last, playing recorders, (and him always offering out tic tacs – ha ha, the legend!); Cooking and French with Mrs Goodwin; studying plants with Mrs Rowe; there are so many! I’m extremely grateful for my time at your school. The staff were, and still are, incredible and have influenced me massively into becoming a teacher. I'm now a fully qualified teaching assistant and debating becoming a primary school teacher. I'm working at a school in Wisbech in Year 1, as a 1:1 with a boy with special needs, and it has been amazing. It’s the most rewarding thing I've done to date. I also love to travel and have worked in the USA, France and Italy, working with children. I'm off to Australia for at least a year on a work and travel visa, as I wish to help myself move there permanently.